we’re here with dr. jr. Dameron thank you for joining the handshaking loans video series glad to be here they’ll be here a minute chicken great great so dr. jr. Tamron is a physician real estate developer and an angel investor he’s been a physician in private practice for over 35 years and has been investing in startups for the last 20 and we’re here to catch dr. Darren’s opinion on what you should consider before launching your business so with that being said doc what are the top three things entrepreneurs who are considering quitting their job should consider before they do so there are certain things that come to mind when you ask that question I think there’s probably three things that are very important that your viewers your shakers need to understand I think the number one thing would be having a job and having to security of the job rather than going out and bribed into to start up a whole new business I mean starting to businesses is not easy especially an entrepreneurial type is too small any business a small businesses you know I mean 95% of businesses really do not survive I mean essentially darian there is a big problem out there a lot of them are undercapitalized and that and that’s a big big problem a lot of people are very energetic and they want to get out there if you’re with an employer you’re also learning that business and initially starting out you’re gaining knowledge about that that visits now you can gain it on your own but it’s going to generally take you a lot longer rather than having the employer being providing that so that’s that’s one thing I invested in unsuccessful companies along the way but I’ve invested in successful ones and so we as a as an investor will will look at you very strongly if you have a product and the credibility that goes with that you can show that you’ve done a good job and have a good business plan great great so Shakers a point number one conclusion number one is you go and have to and getting some years of experience in the industry that you want to launch your business before you launch it is something you should strongly consider so on let’s dive right into you point number two about benefits and everything that comes with having an employer I think that the second one would be the benefits that an employer offers someone that you would not have as an entrepreneur more than likely health benefits you know health insurance the pension plans profit sharing plans these are very important but you got to think long term it’s not just a short-term deal so if you’re having to pay for that yourself that’s that goes right to the bottom line absolutely so so I think to conclude your second point shake here is the conclusion number two years you need to know if your risk tolerance person and you need to look at the risk benefit and kind of analyze that don’t take a risk that’s too big that you can’t afford to take and if there’s an opportunity or reward that’s that’s large you might want to look at the risk still make sure it’s not too much but pay attention the rewards to shakers alright so number three I think quality of life is is is important I think your shakers need to understand what is the quality of life quality of life seems to be very important and where people are thinking about that then they have in the past everybody has a lot of energy when they’re young they want to do things but perhaps some of your your your shakers would be married and but they want to start up a business on their own I think that all your shakers need to look at is what’s the balance you know even what you want to have a balance in life exactly but those are some of the thoughts that my thoughts on that

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