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That Damned Email List

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That Damned Email List

I hate it, but I have to have it.


Quite frankly, Google has destroyed organic SEO for the little guy. Ten years ago, you could create spammy content, promote it all over the place, and you could get traffic to your affiliate offers. I can remember getting to the first page of Google for buying keywords in a competitive niche (online education) in as little as 11 hours.

Now, any keyword you enter will likely pop up Google favorites on the first page – YouTube videos (owned by Google), Wikipedia entries, WebMD, and other big generic sites.

To make big money, you not only don’t need Google SERPs for your keywords, working too hard on SEO will likely hold you back. After Penguin, Google slammed article spinning and duplicate content, but many good sites got de-indexed along with the worthless ones.

What you have to do now is to create your own network and keep them engaged on your mailing lists. Once you have your own network, you can market with Google none the wiser.

Your whole purpose of article marketing is to get people to your site and onto your list. You do this by starting with the Daily PDF, which is bait, and breaking the pdf into articles to post on the best real estate on the web.

The search engines want useful, relevant content to give the best experience to their customers. That is exactly what you will give them with your Daily PDF and the articles extracted from them.

For whatever reason, I believe that Google and other search engines treat a pdf as more authoritative than a web page or post. I could be wrong, but pdfs stand out in the SERPs, not as much as a video, but more than a normal post.

Most commercial article marketing has suffered from unnatural linking. I did a ton of it myself in the old days. What has happened is that the search engines have blocked much of what they claim they want – unique, valuable content.

I will go into the specifics of article marketing and promotion strategies in later pdfs. For the most part, search engines are not your friend, but you have to use them to build your list. A modern linking strategy for 2020+ is critical.

The key is original content – not rehashed or spun material. I do use spinning for bio boxes and social media links, but I don’t put spun content on my own sites or even the 2nd level sites like ezinearticles or hubpages. Spinning links to 2nd tier sites and posting them on 3rd tier sites keeps them far enough away from your site to be valuable.

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