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We have is evident from prior courses at the TU Delft that a great way to keep students can participate in your track, but also on top of all the requirements that you are expecting from them is to add a simple checklist. Checklists are a wellknown tool to ensure things are done properly. Add a checklist within every module of your track or every week of your course, or at discrete targets where it is appropriate. Students can then check off components as they go through the course, and it quickens them to remain on top of all the material that you expect. Entries that you can add in the checklist, for example, are things as simple as “ read this document ” “ attend this lecture at this site on this date and age ” “ complete this assignment ” “ watch this video ” “ add to this discussion ”

These point, then, to the activities that you hope they complete Students check off those items for themselves. It is not used as a tool for you to track their progress more as a tool used to themselves to move their own progress. It places its own responsibilities on them to check to check that off, knowing that they have actually accomplished them To lend such a checklist use the “ Upload/ Create ” button and add a new Checklist In this checklist. You make it a title and some basic instructions to is starting. Then click on “ Publish ” Now hover over the words “ Add a new schedule ”. You see the light grayblue background.

That means you can click on it. You can create a main list. You could use, for example, “ Monday ” and then write down all the things you expect to be done that week by Monday, Or you could use these main titles as arranges, For example, “ Chides ” and then detail the two or three castigates coming during that module. The advantage about these checklists is that you have these major directs to group things and then sub items or entries that really going to be home the checklist For these sub items. You can add due dates and descriptions. You can even link to content in the course using the Quicklink tool, as demonstrated here This direction, students when they’re through the checklist and they haven’t yet done. That item can click on the link, go to it and then come back and check it off A simple add-on like this increases establishments engaged in your route website and ensures students are aware of the items you expect them to complete.

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